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  1. I’ve been to several PT clinics & I can say that "There is no place like AUM". - L. Fennimore
  2. I liked everything.  Your kindness and patience.  You made me feel good about myself.  If you were any better I would be living with you! - M. Naff
  3. The friendly, caring atmosphere.  The treatments really helped with flexibility and pain. I am very happy with your services. I do recommend you to everyone. - R. Holmes
  4. Keep up the good work, there’s no room for improvement. You do a great job. - M. Connor
  5. It works. I was given instructions of things I can do at home to maintain my well being.  I really liked learning how to-and the importance of breathing correctly.  Thank you so much for the excellent care you have provided me and for your genuine interest in me. - M. Garcia
  6. Genuine kindness, success of my amazing recovery, relaxation and meditation, exercises and homework. There’s no way you could get any better. - M. Brinkerhoff.
  7. Both the quality of service and the pragmatic exercises that provided skills to help in daily life without the use of expensive equipment.  Well trained physical therapist and excellent office support. .- L. Vevea and P. Vevea.
  8. First, it worked!  My neck, shoulder and back pain levels lowered and strength and stamina increased.  I am also grateful for the continuous encouragement and appreciative of the varied methods of treatment offered yoga, myofascial release, etc. - C. Garbett
  9. It is thorough and comprehensive.  Very holistic.  I found the exercises that relieved my spots of tightness and tenderness.  Very helpful, impressive. - J. Hopping
  10. The kind manner in which they treated me.  Very professional and caring.  Very in tune with what I needed in my recovery. - V. Hyatt
  11. The treatment went beyond my expectations. I have more flexibility and mobility than I’ve had in my many years.  The relaxation was also very helpful.  My pain level has decreased significantly.  - S. Alexander
  12. I always feel that my problems are of utmost concern.  Dhaval is very knowledgeable and is a warm caring person.  My concerns were addressed without drugs. I was given exercises that have certainly helped.  This is a people friendly office.  - S. McCreery
  13. Easy home programs to follow, gentle teaching sessions.  The various chronic pains were relieved almost immediately.  - L. Thompson
  14. Personal and Professional care.  I was treated superb.  I am so thankful to be rid of my headache of eleven years when I came in with numbness to my foot - and it was relieved too!  The hands-on treatment helped tremendously. - C. Braker
  15. Not only am I getting around with my arm better, but everything is explained so that I can continue it at home.  Excellent service!  - M. Lantz
  16. Treatment, exercises & home program was well explained, I was pain free in two days (visits) I didn’t get the same results with a chiropractor. - G. STARK
  17. Relaxing atmosphere, attention from the whole staff. I received wonderful results from the treatments.     - A.SUGGS
  18. The care was excellent; problems that other PT’S and chiropractors couldn’t fix were taken care of here.  I have never had such relief from headaches, pain and stress. It was a breath of fresh air to come here.   -  P. HOYER
  19.  Very personalized; gentle treatment. A great percentage of the extreme pain was gone after a few visits.  - D. BURGESS
  20. The staff was great.  The exercises where explained well and pain free.  My pain level getting here was high when I left my pain was 99% better!  This was the best treatment for pain relief.  These exercises will always help me to be pain free.  I always thought I would have pain, but now that I’ve come here, I learned a few things I know I don’t have to suffer. There is relief! Thank You. - M. Williams
  21. My neck had been hurting for 6 months and now it’s not, what a relief!  I think everything was great and you all strive to do the best.  - H. Harp
  22. Staff is very nice and relaxed atmosphere is great!  - T. Karle
  23. I liked the speed of my recovery and learning the home program.  I have no more pain. You do excellent work and everything is so nice. - M. Snapp
  24. The effort you made to make me well.  I almost didn’t have any range of motion on my right shoulder.  I can move my arm now and use it. I never had been to a therapist this great. It felt like spiritual healing.  - M. Vela
  25. The care was professionally provided in a relaxed manner and was always optimistic. I think you are on the right track, don’t change anything.  - J. Crynock
  26. The therapy is relaxing and therapeutic to improve pain. - L. Culla
  27. Friendliness and entire staff and family.  Genuine concern for my well being.  - R. Tidmore
  28. The use of gentle techniques.  The yoga exercises are very effective.    - L. Gillin
  29. Courteous and friendly atmosphere, the exercises were modeled or corrected if incorrectly done. - Name withheld by request.
  30. The positive atmosphere and caring attitude of staff. They motivated clients to do their best while maintaining integrity of movements and exercises.  - B. Joiner
  31. Staff was great and friendly – the treatment was very well done.  - R. Watt
  32. The atmosphere is so caring and professional.  I was especially impressed with the hands-on techniques.  They work like magic.  – Name withheld by request
  33. Very quick, excellent pain relief.   Friendly staff.  Fast, easy exercises that can be done almost anywhere with great results. – Name withheld by request
  34. All the staff made me feel comfortable and everyone participated in my care. – Name withheld by request
  35. The relaxing atmosphere and the relief of stress just waiting in the waiting room. I’ve tried everything from painkillers to chiropractics but nothing helped until I came to AUM for physical therapy.  Every treatment left me smiling and relaxed with no pain.  The treatments are way different from anything I’ve ever seen but it only takes a few seconds and works a lot better than Advil.  – S. Biel
  36. It worked.  It reduced and/or eliminated my chronic pain which I’ve had for years.  There were no gimmicks.  I received tools and training I can take with me for life.  - K. Duke
  37. Very courteous! Your staff is just wonderful.  Not knowing what to expect, your staff made me most comfortable.  - H. Thurston
  38. The personal care and attention by everyone was greatly appreciated.  The upbeat attitude and coaching made the therapy less stressful.  Thank you!   - M. Neel
  39. The one on one care given.  The patience provided when learning a new treatment.  - P. Barker
  40. Genuine concern from staff, treatment for body and self awareness, P.T. who administers personally effective changes for life.  Plus, you feel like you just left "the spa" every time!  - A. Fugitt
  41. Your individualized treatment and most important that you made me feel very welcome. – M. Molica
  42. The exercises, myofascial release and electrical therapy all helped so much and I felt much much better in 8 weeks. Everything is excellent, just keep going.  Excellent service with Dhaval’s and everybody’s smiling face and polite nature.  Thank you very much.  - C. Naik.
  43. The personal caring and friendly behavior of the entire staff.  - W. Hodash.
  44. Thank you for being the extraordinary therapist that you are.  You have helped me with far more than the pain in my back.  You are simply the best!  Your grateful patient  - C. Irby
  45. Thank you for all that have done for me. You have given me hope & I also feel so much better. You have put a smile on my face! – Belinda
  46. Your treatements are amazing! I have had Physical Therapy several times before, I have never felt so good in a long time!  Thank you…– Name withheld by request
  47. I’ve been very pleased with all the therapy I’ve received from you. You have been the best therapist I’ve been to in this town. You take the time to explain & follow-up with us. I was so pleased with your care, gentle touch and voice – Sara J.
  48. I can’t believe the difference in just one treatment.  It is amazing. I have been hurt for so long & feel so much better in just 2 treatments. I can’t thank you enough. – B. Little
  49. Through 2 back surgeries & everything between, you’ve provided unparalleled care & therapy. I wpn’t go anywhere else! – K. Meyers
  50. I have come here for  treatment of my knee. I am so convinced  with the way people are treated here – Dhaval is the soul of this center. His behavior, nature & whole personality heal the patients because he is very much dedicated to every patient. While he treats, he puts his whole mind. I have observed that everybody is satisfied and having a smile to see his smile. All the staff members are so co-operative, mature & good. This PT center is unique in Bakersfield.  God bless him & his patients! - JKR